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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 11, 2019 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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weekend. making news in america this morning, several major developments in the ukraine scandal and the impeachment investigation. just hours after two of rudy giuliani's associates are arrested outside washington. word that a senior adviser to secretary of state mike pompeo is resigning. and now all eyes on capitol hill where a crucial witness is set to testify today. what we've learned overnight. the fire emergency in california. dozens of homes in flames. the new video and the cause of that fire amid dire conditions on the ground. plus, growing outrage at the power company. plunging much of the state into the dark to prevent more fires. what pg&e has acknowledged. developing right now, a 3-year-old girl abducted from a playground is found safe nearly 24 hours later.
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how she was found and the manhunt overnight for her suspected kidnapper. caught on camera, this terrifying ferrari crash. new details on the professional athlete inside that car. plus, one writer's controversial claim, why she says a little marijuana makes her a better mom. and later the incredible tribute on display all made of rice. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us on this friday. we begin with a flood of new developments surrounding the impeachment investigation as lawmakers prepare to hear from the former ambassador to ukraine. >> if she's allowed to testify her appearance would follow the arrest of two businessmen linked to the president's personal attorney, rudy giuliani. they are accused of making illegal foreign campaign contributions to buy political
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influence. >> meanwhile overnight we learned that a top adviser to the secretary of state is resigning in frustration. abc's megan tevrizian is here with the latest. megan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, kenneth and janai. several major developments overnight. news that a top adviser to secretary of state mike pompeo is resigning came just hours after two of rudy giuliani's associates were arrested. meanwhile, today all eyes will be on capitol hill to see if the state department allows a at the center of the ukraine scandal to testify. former ambassador to ukraine, marie yovanovitch, expected to appear before a closed door deposition today testifying before three house committees looking into whether or not the president committed impeachable offenses by asking a foreign country to investigate the family of his political rival, joe biden. but the state department could demand she not appear as it did earlier this week with ambassador to the eu, gordon sondland. yovanovitch was removed from her post in may after coming attack from trump's personal attorney rudy giuliani. her recall amid growing frustration at the state
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department that secretary of state, mike pompeo, has done nothing to defend yovanovitch's post. federal prosecutors say these two now indicted businessmen with ties to giuliani also wanted to force her out. lev parnas and igor fruman arrested wednesday at an airport. >> they are about to board an international flight with one-way tickets. >> reporter: they're now charged with illegally funneling campaign contributions including some from russia to a pac supporting president trump and other candidates. >> take a victory. >> reporter: these indictments seemingly energizing the president. at a rally last night in minneapolis, trump saying the impeachment push would produce a backlash at the ballot box saving some of his most intense >>e was only a good vice president because he understood how to kiss barack obama's [ bleep ]. >> reporter: and during that rally the president did
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not mention rudy giuliani or the indictments. the president said yesterday that he does not know men who were arrested even though he took pictures with them in the past. rudy giuliani ate lunch with both men in washington just before their arrest but he says he cannot comment on their indictments. janai. >> all right, megan, thank you for joining us. house democrats have subpoenaed energy secretary rick perry as part of the impeachment investigation. they want information on his interactions with ukraine but a white house official tells abc news perry will be ordered not to cooperate. overseas thousands of civilians are fleeing as turkey ramps up its military assault against the kurdish people in northern syria. one analyst says the invasion could displace more than 1 million kurds. abc news met up with these families who say they had to sleep in the desert last night because they had nowhere else to go. turkey says the assault is aimed at cracking down on terrorists. but president trump says if turkey goes too far in its military campaign, then the u.s. will respond with economic penalties.
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the president just days ago withdrew u.s. troops from that region. he defended that decision last night. >> in the case of turkey and syria and the kurds, we could send in a thousand troops for a military conflict with turkey. no, you don't want to do that. we could hit turkey very hard financially, or we could mediate a deal between turkey and the kurds. i like that. you know, let's mediate a deal. >> turkey, who is a nato ally, is not responding kindly to the president's threats of financial penalties. the foreign minister says turkey will retaliate if the u.s. imposes sanctions. meanwhile, sources say kurdish forces remain in control of prisons where thousands of isis detainees are being held, but there are concerns that kurdish guard also soon have to leave their positions to fight
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on the front lines. now to the wildfire emergency in los angeles. dozens of homes near los angeles have been destroyed as high winds and dry conditions fuel flames across the state and overnight another fire spread in northern los angeles where trucks were burning at a frito-lay warehouse in sylmar threatening homes and jumping across the 5 freeway. overnight homes engulfed in flames as a fire tears through this california neighborhood destroying more than 70 mobile homes east of los angeles. students at a nearby school were forced to shelter in place then rushed to another school out of harm's way. >> the school just evacuateds. >> reporter: the cause seen in this doorbell video was a garbage truck seen with smoke pouring out of it. >> my understanding is it was a trash truck that had a trash load that caught on fire, the trash load was dumped off to the side of the road and ignited the vegetation and the fire spread from there. >> reporter: these fires are exactly what so many feared with heavy winds and dry conditions
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creating an extreme fire threat and utilities took pre-emptive action cutting off electricity to hundreds of thousands across california trying to repeat past disasters like the deadly camp fire sparked by downed power lines in. in the bay area some have been given the all clear meaning after days in the dark their power could be on soon. but the threat remains high in many other areas. fire forced people in one neighborhood to evacuate even though their power had been shut off hours earlier. >> my daughter came running into our bedroom screaming, the hill is on fire. >> reporter: no word on the cause of that fire. this morning the governor is taking aim at the state's largest power company, pg&e. >> they chose not to modernize their grid over the course of many, many years. it led to their own demise and it led to bankruptcy. what's happened is unacceptable and it's happened because of neglect. this can't be respectfully the new normal. >> reporter: pg&e's ceo is apologizing admitting the company was not adequately prepared for the mass shutoffs this week. >> so we faced a choice here
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between hardship on everyone or safety, and we chose safety, and this is not how we want to run our business. we're actually in the business of providing power, not taking power away. >> before all power can be restored pg&e says 25,000 miles of power lines need to be inspected. it's looking like winter in colorado. it's not even the middle of october. driving was treacherous with snow and a temperature that dropped 64 degrees in one day. meanwhile, the northern plains could see two feet of snow this weekend. let's take a closer look now at your friday forecast. and good morning to you. once again keeping an eye on the southwest. we're talking about red flag warnings all across southern california, active fires outside l.a. and up north across northern parts of california and then further north to the east talking about blizzard-like conditions across north dakota. several inches and then feet and
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then also watching that coastal low pull away here but still bringing with it the risk for coastal flooding throughout new jersey and back towards the delmarva. for accuweather, i'm meteorologist chris nallan. coming up, simone biles makes history yet again. also ahead, saving you money. the best deals this weekend. what to buy now instead of waiting for the holidays. but first how a computer memory card found on the street helped catch a suspected killer
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we're back with simone biles once again proving she's the greatest gymnast ever. biles captured her fifth all-around world championship title thursday in germany. in fact, her margin of victory was larger than any of her four
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previous wins. biles will try to defend her olympic title next year. incredible. well, video of a murder discovered on a memory card has led to an arrest in alaska. police in anchorage made the chance discovery a few weeks ago saying a woman told them she found it lying in the street. investigators say it contained pictures and video of a woman being beaten in a hotel last month. 48-year-old brian smith was arrested wednesday, one week after the victim's remains were found along a highway. >> had the citizen not called us after she found the video card, we would not have been able to solve the crime as quickly as we did. >> we learned overnight the victim has now been identified and smith is being held on a $750,000 bail. investigators looking into a day care fire that killed five children in erie, pennsylvania, now say a faulty extension cord is to blame. they say the late night fire back in august broke out on the first floor.
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two older children were able to escape by crawling onto the roof. nearly four weeks into the united autoworkers strike against general motors and the employees and the company are starting to feel the pinch. workers have lost nearly $635 million in wages, and gm has lost more than $1 billion in profits. gm's ceo has now reportedly called for a new meeting with the union. >> you're likely to find some serious savings if you plan to do some shopping this holiday weekend. some major retailers say they will slash prices up to 70% on certain items. big savings are expected on new mattresses at sears, jcpenney and macy's, but experts say the best deals will be on clothes. >> this weekend the big deals will be on apparel. think things like jeans, outerwear and probably a few leftover summer clothes. if electronics are a big focus i'd wait. there will be a few deals but those will accelerate much closer to christmas. >> that expert also recommends asking store clerks about other
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promotions not advertised. >> promotions not advertised. lso ahead, the terrifying crash caught on camera, new information about the professional athlete who was inside this ferrari. and up next developing news overnight, a 3-year-old girl abducted from a playground is found safe. but this morning the manhunt for who took her. ♪ things are getting clearer, yeah i feel free ♪ ♪ to bare my skin ♪ yeah that's all me. ♪ nothing and me go hand in hand ♪ ♪ nothing on my skin ♪ that's my new plan. ♪ nothing is everything. keep your skin clearer with skyrizi. 3 out of 4 people achieved 90% clearer skin at 4 months. of those, nearly 9 out of 10 sustained it through 1 year. and skyrizi is 4 doses a year, after 2 starter doses. ♪ i see nothing in a different way ♪ ♪ and it's my moment so i just gotta say ♪ ♪ nothing is everything skyrizi may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. before treatment your doctor should check you
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only at your sherwin-williams store. the roomba i7+ with cleanng base automatic dirt disposal and allergenlock™ bags that trap 99% of allergens, so they don't escape back into the air. if it's not from irobot, it's not a roomba™ i'm going to knock the [ bleep ] out of you. you are the biggest pain in the [ bleep ]. you know that. >> unbelievable video. the bus driver in arizona is facing child abuse charges after this violent scene. police say the driver slammed on the brakes and sent a boy flying into the dashboard after the child tossed some paper that missed a trash can. >> the boy is okay. the driver is on leave and could be fired. we turn now to the developing story from north
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kidnapped from a playground has been found safe. >> investigators say a phone call from a church henned them find her. and now the search is on for the woman suspected of taking her. this morning, relief for a community in north carolina. >> i've got 30 years in law enforcement and very seldom do we have this. >> reporter: a 3-year-old girl has been found alive nearly 24 hours after police say she was abducted from a playground. investigators received a call to their tip line last night saying ahlora lindiment was spotted at a christian center in greensboro six miles from where she was last seen. >> currently inside the church with the caller. >> we're out with the little girl. >> 10-4. is it the little girl? yes. >> reporter: police say ahlora was able to tell the caller her mother's first name and was taken to the hospital where she was reunited with family. her older siblings claim a woman approached them near the merry go round and grabbed their sister. >> eventually ahlora was seen
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leaving the ust locate her. >> reporter: the suspect in the case seen on these surveillance pictures has not been identified. people in the area now in fear that a child abductor is on the run, but police say there's no reason to believe that she's a serial creditor. >> do you have any reason to believe that people in the immediate area need to be concerned about someone running around the city snatching kids? >> there's no evidence that is going to lead us to tell that we're going to have another one of these occur any time soon. >> and police also say the suspect has no known connection with the girl's family. a florida man called a wanna-be law enforcement officer by a judge has received a 20-year prison sentence for a deadly parking lot dispute. michael drejka shot markeis mcglockton last year claiming he was upset that mcglockton, who was unarmed was parked in a handicap spot. drejka was initially set free under florida's stand your ground law. new information about this crash in dallas where a speeding ferrari flipped over.
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the man inside was a welterweight boxing police say he was speedingsethmg traffic. he was ejected hospitalized in stable condition. his family says he's expected to make a full recovery. and in sports the patriots are 6-0 and counting. tom brady ran for two touchdowns and moved into second place on the nfl's all-time list for passing yards. the patriots won, 35-14. in baseball houston has reached its third straight american league championship series. the astros beat the rays 6-1 to win their division series. now they're getting ready for the yankees. so here's japan's answer to an artistic corn maze. this is seven acres of rice paddies in japan. paying tribute to three members of japan's national rugby team. well done. it was created to celebrate
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japan's hosting of rugby's world cup. incredible work, yeah. >> impressive. up next in "the pulse," america's favorite halloween candy this year. also ahead, one writer's controversial essay claiming a little marijuana makes her a better mom. plus, the work and the fun still happening during the california blackout. it's tough to quit smoking cold turkey. so chantix can help you quit slow turkey. along with support, chantix is proven to help you quit. with chantix you can keep smoking at first and ease into quitting. chantix reduces the urge so when the day arrives, you'll be more ready to kiss cigarettes goodbye. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix, you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. stop chantix and get help right away if you have changes in behavior or thinking, aggression, hostility, depressed mood, suicidal thoughts or actions, seizures, new or worse heart or blood vessel problems, sleepwalking, or life-threatening allergic and skin reactions.
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>> you're doing coloring? >> yes. theev yes, weave the a i've been doing it for years. i got it down. >> you're not worried and you wouldn't want to miss a day of work. >> no, i wouldn't. i have to be here for my clients ic spirit. ereal >> i diento ma a appointment once t >> wow. and a single mother just declared that marijuana makes her a better mom. she's not alone. >> so in a new essay for "parents" magazine leah campbell explains how micro-dosing on pot helps her cope with chronic pain and the stress of parenting, and micro-dosing is taking small amounts in edible form and campbell says it turns her into the best version of herself. >> it eased it. helped it fade enough
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that i was able to go on walks with my kid and i was able to take her to do fun things. and the anxietyized off, so did my irritability and crankiness. >> if that's what a little pot does -- >> i know.>> mthers are micro-dosing and talking about it. >> it's not about drinking wine after school. >> no. four-legged friends, unwanted visitors. >> a goat and bear named big boy wandered into this house in ohio and seemed pretty confused about where to go and wandered away from a farm three miles away. in lake tahoe, this bear broke into a home and used it as a jungle gym. it was eventually chased out. >> i love those videos. and finally, make sure you stock up on reese's peanut butter cups. >> and send us some. a new poll finds the peanut butter chocolate combination it is america's favorite halloween candy once again this year. >> they were twice as popular as snickers and we love them. we love that peanut --
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♪ ♪ making news right now, we have breaking news, a massive wildfire driven by powerful winds destroying homes in southern california. evacuations are under way as the fire explodes out of control. back in the bay area, pg&e is restoring power to thousands of homes and businesses. the good news, the strongest winds have died down. and more people are asking whether the outages needed to be so widespread. the head of pg&e faces reporters for the first time since the shutoffs. it's finally friday, october 11th. >> we're getting those lights back on. life is starting to return back to normal. still offshore in upper elevations. one red flag warning, that's up in lake county through 10:00 this morning.
4:28 am
we're fog-free. here's the highlighted area, around lake county, northeast winds 5 to 15 miles per hour. relative humidity, 15% to 30%. the foothills, the sierra, nevada. 48 in santa clara. 50 in san carlos. 41 in san rafael. 19 degrees cooler and our current wind check right now shows the winds, still a little breezy out of the north around mount tam, but nothing like we've seen. relative humidity, still relatively dry out there. 10% in san francisco, 24% in brentwood. that will be the trend as our winds go more onshore. sue, hopefully some good a coup spots, one of them is the golden gate bridge, we have the barrier work, the road work down to one lane in the southbound direction. it's quiet right now. just be prepared to slow down. those cones bring you into one lane for about a
4:29 am
25-mile-per-hour speed limit 17-minute drive from 880 across the span up the high rise and over towards 101. our problem spot is in san carlos. an overturned vehicle, it's early enough that it's not really slowing things. it's blocking the right lane and the holly exit. you will need to get off the freeway at ralston if that's normally your exit. breaking news we were telling you about, firefighters are battling a in sylmar. >> this is a live look from kabc. that fire is still raging out of control. you can see some of the buildings and homes so close to the fire. this is called the saddleridge
4:30 am
fire. it ignited around 9:00 last night around the 210 freeway before quickly spreading, pushed by 60-mile-per-hour gusts of wind. several homes were seen consumed by flames. we don't know an exact number of homes yet. >> everything, the houses, everything is on fire. it's bad. >> it's bad? >> yeah. >> why did you run? >> my dog was in the house. i had to break the window. it's not even my dog. it's my buddy's dog. he's stuck on the freeway, they won't let him off. >> interstate 210, interstate 5, interstate 405 and highway 14 are all closed. hundreds of firefighters are battling the flames as well as several spot fires sparking beneath power lines. this fire is not cont


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